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Coram Shower Tray Transcript

Announcer:  Man: Coram Showers are the UK's leading specialists in the design and manufacturing of bath screens, shower enclosures and shower trays. Their latest development is an unbeatable new type of shower tray: Waterguard Shower Trays, a new generation of acrylic capped resin shower trays.

What makes them unique is first of all the weight. [sound of weight falling] Traditional resin trays like this are unnecessarily heavy, whereas thanks to Coram's revolutionary Coratech resin, their new Waterguard Shower Trays are less than half the weight of any other resin based trays. Yet, they still provide the same strength and rigidity. The crucial benefit is that it makes fitting a one man job, even with the largest trays, which still weigh less than 25 kilograms.

Added to this, the unique way they're put together makes them faster and easier to fit than any other shower tray you can buy. And in the next couple of minutes, we will show you just how quick and simple it really is.

First, you need to fit the feet. The tray is supplied with factory fitted legs. You simply screw in the corner threaded feet to a depth of 160 millimeters from the rim.

Whilst, the centre foot should be screwed into a depth of 110 millimeters from the base. This ensures it will be clear of the floor until after you've left the tray. Next, mark the position of the tray on the wall and remove sufficient plaster or plasterboard to allow the tiding up stand to be reset then push it into place. Now you can fit the waist. Remove the protective film around the whole, and fit the waist.

Leveling the tray couldn't be more simple. The hexagonal feet can be adjusted by hand, raising the tray if required, and the screw holes are angled to make the feet easy to fix in position. Once the tray has been leveled, the centre foot must then be readjusted onto the floor.

The tray is supplied with separate rigid side panels. You will need to trim these as required on the end that fit to the walls. The panels are attached to the tray with push on spring clips, which are clearly marked to show the right way up. You will also need to stagger the positions of the clips for the corner leg to allow the attachment of both panels. To ensure you fix the clips in the correct position, first attach them to the legs and align the panels then mark the centre of each clip and fix using the screws provided.

You can then simply push fit the panels. It's as easy as that, a one man job that can be done in less than twenty minutes.

All that remains is to peel away the protective film from the back edges, tie over the up stands, and seal with silicone sealant. You are then ready to fit the showering closure and when you fit any Coram closure together with a Waterguard Shower Tray their performance is so unbeatable and reliable we offer a water tight life time guarantee.

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