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Hydroflow Frequently Asked Questions

Is HydroFLOW easy to install?
The unit simply clips to the pipe, and is plugged into the electric supply and switched on. Installation is very straightforward

Can I still drink the water?
HydroFLOW does not change the chemical composition of the water in any way. It works purely on a physical basis, leaving the water completely drinkable. Essential minerals are retained in the water. Unlike water softeners, it is not necessary to provide a separate untreated drinking supply.

Will HydroFLOW descale, as well as prevent scale?
Yes, although it may be a gradual process over a period of months. The way in which HydroFLOW prevents limescale from forming on pipework also increases the solvicity of water - meaning that any limescale which had already formed will gradually dissolve. However, not all scale is limescale. Some scale cannot be dissolved and can only be removed by acid cleaning. Once a system is cleaned it is less likely to scale up again.

Where should I fit the HydroFLOW?
Due to HydroFLOW's unique technology, we recommend that the unit be installed on the cold feed to the heat exchanger. In the case of a traditional gravity-fed system, this would be the down pipe between the cold water storage tank and the hot water cylinder. With a mains pressure system, the unit should be fitted on the cold feed, just before it enters the heat exchanger.

What is the difference between the HS34 and HS38 units?
The HS34 has a 5-volt output, and the HS38 has an 8-volt output. This simply means the signal from an HS38 will travel further. Therefore, if you are using the unit to protect a particular appliance, or you have a simple plumbing system, an HS34 is more than sufficient. For more complex system such as boiler and cylinder systems, or those already badly scaled, it is advisable to fit an HS38.

How much does HydroFLOW cost to run?
Less than ninety pence a year - HydroFLOW actually uses 12 volts AC, via a transformer connected to the mains, at a maximum power of 1.2 Watts.

How can I tell if HydroFLOW is working?
The red light on the unit is powered by the signal itself, and can be relied upon to indicate that the system is being protected.

What is the life expectancy of HydroFLOW?
HydroFLOW units contain solid state technology with no moving or mechanical parts. The units are manufactured to ISO 9002 standard and each is fully tested. Properly installed, HydroFLOW will give many years of trouble free service.

Does HydroFLOW protect the central heating system?
Yes. With a traditional system,, the signal transmits through the water in the cylinder and the copper cylinder itself, via the heat exchange coil into the water inside the central heating system (primary system) - thereby protecting the boiler and other components. With a combi system, the signal transmits throughout the combi boiler into the central heating system.

Will HydroFLOW protect the cold water going to the kitchen etc?
Yes, HydroFLOW is not dependent on water flow, like other devices. The water does NOT have to flow past the unit to be treated. Rather than taking the water to the treatment, we are taking the treatment to the water. Our patented signal transmits along conductive materials, e.g. water or metal, and therefore throughout the whole system (primary and secondary), protecting it 24 hours a day.

How far does the signal travel?
In a typical domestic plumbing system, the effective treatment area is a 10-metre radius from the unit. This 10-metre zone refers to the size of the property rather that pipe lengths. HydroFLOW is certainly powerful enough to treat large properties with up to three bathrooms.

Is an electric supply required?
Yes, a mains supply of 230V is required to operate the unit. To comply with EEC regulations, the units are supplied with a combined three-pin plug/transformer.

Does HydroFLOW work on plastic and lead pipes?
Yes, the technology ensures that the unique field is induced longitudinally directly into the water, and propagates through the entire system regardless of the type of pipework material.

Does the signal have an effect on sensitive electrical equipment?
No, the signal is a long wave radio signal on a frequency of 120-140KHz and conforms to European Directives including the Low Voltage Directive. Therefore sensitive electrical equipment such as pacemakers will not be affected.

Can I stop using salts in the dishwasher?
No, we advise that dishwashers be operated precisely as recommended by the manufacturer.

Does HydroFLOW soften the water?
Physical water conditioners are not water softeners, and therefore do not provide chemically soft water. However, since dissolved minerals and salts in heated water are taken out of solution and clustered by the physical water conditioner, the water will become slightly softer and you will find that soap is easier to lather.

Is HydroFLOW fully guaranteed?
There is a three-year no quibble, money back guarantee, so you can install HydroFLOW with the utmost confidence.

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