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In-Sink-Erator Video Transcript

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Woman: This looks just like a typical modern kitchen. As well as the usual cooking and washing up facilities, today's kitchen has devices in it to save time, labor, and make it a far more comfortable place to be.

But, this kitchen has one feature that more and more people are choosing as essential for a convenient, easy to manage, hygienic kitchen. You wouldn't even know it was here until you see this.

How do you deal with your food waste? What about fish? Do you still put messy peelings and scrapings into a pedal bin? Do you always seem to be making trips to the rubbish bin whatever the weather? If you live in a flat, you know it can be even more of a problem.

Food waste can be a major hassle. We all know it can go off rapidly, particularly in a warm kitchen. It can smell, and be a haven for germs and other problems.

But here, in this kitchen, modern, hygienic, well managed, all that is a thing of the past because it's been fitted with an Insinkarator Food Waste Disposer. Here, you put your food scraps and leftovers down the sink. And within seconds, they're not just out of the kitchen, but out of your home, as well. Simply turn on the cold water tap, and switch on the disposer. It literally does its work in seconds. It's as simple as that. And today's models are surprisingly quiet.

The Insinkarator Food Waste Disposer in action. It's easy, quick, clean and efficient. With its unique action, the Insinkarator Disposer reduces your food waste to fine particles suspended in water. These are flushed through the waste pipe in the normal way. And with an air switch, your kitchen food waste disappears at the touch of a button.

Insinkarator Food Waste Disposers are designed to handle vegetables, fruit, chicken bones, chop bones, fish bones, egg shells, congealed leftovers, and much, much more.

Let me take you inside an Insinkarator Food Waste Disposer. The food waste is flushed down the sink by the cold water supply, and drops into the chamber, onto a revolving metal plate. The spinning action forces the waste against the outer wall. In seconds, it's ground into fine particles small enough to drop through these tiny holes in the plate, and down the drain into the sewage system. No knives, no blades, no danger.

Compare that with the traditional way. Around a quarter of all household rubbish is food waste. And it all has to be collected and taken to landfill sites. These sites represent a major and growing environmental issue. And there's a government commitment to significantly reduce them. The use of waste disposers is a positive contribution to environmental improvement by eliminating the need for collection and landfill for this kind of food waste. What's more, the waste from disposers can be treated and turned into granules for use again, as agricultural fertilizer. So, there's a valuable two fold benefit for our environment.

It's not surprising that more and more people are turning to food waste disposers. There are over 50 million in use world wide, and three out of every four are made by Insinkarator. One is installed somewhere every six seconds.

They have so many advantages. An Insinkarator Food Waste Disposer is hygienic, simple to operate. It eliminates bad smells. It's extremely convenient, and environmentally responsible. Almost any sink can accommodate a food waste disposer. And you're still left with plenty of space to store cleaning materials.

There are registered installers throughout the country. But, the unit comes with easy to follow instructions, if you want to fit it yourself. And here's something else. Every Insinkarator unit is designed to be maintenance free. Just install and forget.

There's a model to suit your purpose and your pocket. All units come with full warranties, and comply with international electrical and safety standards.

Insinkarator have a national network of trained service agents, in the unlikely event you need one. Once you have an Insinkarator Food Waste Disposer, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

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Woman: So, no more messy scraps, smelly leftovers, and fewer trips to the rubbish bin. An Insinkarator Food Waste Disposer is the cleaner, more hygienic and simpler way to solve the problem of food waste, and be environmentally responsible.

The Insinkarator Food Waste Disposer is possibly the most useful device many kitchens don't have. Insinkarator, the world's number one food waste disposer.

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