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Transcripts for Audio Message - Robert Smitton

Robert Smitton. MagnaClean. Once installed MagnaClean it is easy to clean out, make a good seal without too much difficulty. Compared to other products, it’s a synch, strong and sturdy design, its quality. Once installed it can be cleaned in 10 minutes taking is easy. MagnaClean is a must for Combi Boilers in any heating system that usual easily corroding radiatiors. It will clean the system, which is pressing the system by not something all like grunge around, stop your expensive places exchange it, getting clothes off and costing you quite a lot of money to have repaired or replaced usually about 300 pounds. It should be mandatory on all new systems along with individual water filter on the cold feet to the boiler as well. Overall, its good value for money, looks good, acts good and that removes in 3 months quite a large amounts of both solid… fairly solid material, as well as more sediment material that you got in your pipes and so and if the system runs a lot quieter. Thank you.

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